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Lessons from a 4-yr. old

I’ve been on the road a bit recently, so haven’t been in worship very consistently on Sundays.  This past Sunday, I got back to church just a few minutes before the end of the service.  As everybody was leaving the sanctuary, I stood in the narthex to greet people in my usual way.  As an adult came up to greet me, I noticed a 4-yr. old notice I was there.  I haven’t seen this little girl for a few weeks–between my schedule and hers, we’ve been missing each other on Sundays.  I turned to talk to the adult as the 4-yr. old wrapped her arms around my legs.  I patted her on the back, but gave most of my attention to the adult.  As I finished my conversation with the adult, I heard a voice say, “Michelle!” and felt a tug on my pants.  I looked down and saw this little girl giving me a look that said, “I’m here…pay attention.”  She just said, “hi.”  I gave her my full attention, then, and we had a sweet moment of reunion. Continue reading Lessons from a 4-yr. old


Has it really already been that long?

I’m sitting at the Conference on Ministry, the annual gathering of rostered leaders in this synod.  Each fall we spend 2 days with other pastors and leaders, getting reconnected with colleagues and reflecting on this crazy work we are all doing.

This is the 6th COM from what I can tell.  and it struck me as I rode onto the compound that 6 years of one event is pretty much the longest tradition I have ever had.  I don’t think even Christmas growing up was consistent for 6 years in a row.  That in itself is mind-boggling for me…I have been in one place and in one job long enough to go to a colleague event 6 times!!! Continue reading Has it really already been that long?

a ‘Thank you’ poem for volunteers

A few years ago I re-worked the words to the song “Thank you” by Ray Boltz, to be a note of appreciation to the volunteers in my congregation.  It might be time to pull it out and share it again:

Thank You
words by Michelle Collins
Based on the song “Thank you” by Ray Boltz

I dreamed I went to Advent
And there I saw the love
The volunteers share with the kids
In praise of God above. Continue reading a ‘Thank you’ poem for volunteers