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She interrupted her ministry…

Today, Feb. 25, is the day we remember the life and ministry of Elizabeth Fedde, a Norwegian Deaconess who died on Feb. 25, 1921.  I learned about Elizabeth Fedde as I was in formation for the Deaconess Community, and her story still challenges and inspires me.  Elizabeth Fedde came to the States as a nurse at the request of others to work with Norwegian immigrants in Brooklyn.  This led to the beginning of a Lutheran hospital.  Then, in one article about her, it says this:  “In 1888, Sr. Elisabeth interrupted her ministry in Brooklyn to begin deaconess work in Minneapolis.”   Continue reading She interrupted her ministry…

I am with you!

Yesterday in Preschool Chapel, I was trying to get some kids’ attention who were talking to each other.  So I called out to them, “boys, are you with me?”  From the opposite side of the group, where I wasn’t even looking, I heard a little voice say, “I’m with you, Sister Michelle!”

It was such a sweet moment.  And it hit me…isn’t that what so many of us want to hear?  “I’m with you!”  When we hear that from people in our lives, so much anxiety and fear melts away.  We are not alone.  Someone is with us.

It was not lost on me, then, the words that Jesus said to his disciples:  “Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

And then I wondered, “who am I saying those words to?  Who needs to know that I am with them?”

Once again…lessons from a 4-yr. old.

The plight of the mystic

“It isn’t so much that people leave religion, I think as it is that, like Olympic runners on a mission, they come to a moment in life when they go beyond the system to the very source of the light.

It is the plight of the mystic to enter the universe of God alone where no charts or maps or signs exist to guide us and assure us of the way.  It is a serious and disturbing moment, one after which we are never quite the same.”

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