Monthly Archives: March 2016

The power of pain and love

I have an unfortunate love of watching TV series…straight through on Netflix.  I don’t do this often, but every now and then I have a stretch of time that isn’t highly scheduled and I find myself spending more time than I’d like to admit clicking “watch next episode,” saying ‘just one more, and then I’ll get up and be productive.’  Just one more turns into…well…more than one more.

One thing I notice when watching shows back to back like that, is that the themes and messages underneath the story-line are a lot easier to pick up.  Right now I’m in the middle of catching up on the show “Once Upon a Time,” and I’m struck by how the show is trying to figure out why love is so powerful, whether good will really ultimately conquer evil without compromising its goodness, what makes a true hero or villain, and whether or not people can really change.  Throughout the multiple story-lines in this show, the questions of love, power, redemption and sacrifice are really striking.   Continue reading The power of pain and love

The memories I take with me…

As I’m winding up my time at Advent, more and more I’m pausing to ponder what I will take with me as I think back on these 5 years.  Here’s my list so far:

  • conversations with my pastor as we drive to synod events (I’m REALLY going to miss these!)
  • countless times of pure joy and laughter while hanging out with youth
  • Looking around a leadership team meeting table and realizing I do indeed have a team…we’re doing this together
  • affirmation and encouragement that I choose to believe is genuine and heartfelt
  • holy moments in worship when serving Communion
  • holy moments while assisting in funerals, memorials and baptisms
  • pushing children on the swings and helping them balance on the balance beam
  • inter-generational prayer walks and prayer stations
  • conversations with adults during Bible studies
  • preaching and seeing faces of people whose stories I hold close to my heart
  • the time as a family event winds down and everybody’s working together to clean up
  • KidsTown (enough said)
  • that chaos immediately after the service as everybody is greeting each other and going for the coffee and cookies
  • watching a couple pass the peace to each other before turning to greet those around them
  • And so much more…