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It’s not just about the ropes

Yesterday I watched camp counselors guiding a group of senior high youth through an intermediate level ropes course challenge activity.  It was a pretty basic challenge–wearing a harness, climb the rope ladder and walk the elevated course of steps, platforms and wires, and then zipline your way back to the ground.

As I watched and listened to the counselors and students, I found myself choking back tears.  Particularly, I watched the student from my group face an initial case of nerves as she pondered whether she would really be able to complete the challenge.  The girls around her helped her get into her harness, buckle her helmet on, and string the ropes and clips around her shoulders when it was her turn.  She hooked the billet clip into her harness as the counselor assured her that he would support and guide her on her way up.  The counselor already up on the platform in the trees reminded her that she was watching and would help her transfer her clips to the right wire when she got to the top of the rope. Continue reading It’s not just about the ropes