Monthly Archives: August 2016

On Social Media, Opening Ceremonies, and Churchwide Assemblies

Collaborating with others via Facebook and Zoom
While sitting alone in my living room;
Tweeting and retweeting the Olympics parade
Long after my tab at the bar has been paid;
My brother in Indy posted an article about someone I once knew
My mom in Minnesota saw it, and commented, too.
Creating a guide to hashtags and handles
Liking my friend’s Instagram picture of luggage and sandals;
“I’ll see you in NOLA,” the status update declares,
“I’ll be there as well!” is liked and is shared;
My flight is delayed, and according to posts, yours is too,
Twitter assures me they’re doing all they can do.
“We are church together,” we gather to ┬ásay
And discuss the statement “Together on the Way”
It’s not just you and it’s not just me,
Through a variety of ways, it’s almost always a ‘we.’