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Love Has Come: a New Year’s Sermon

Sermon: January 1, 2017 (1st Sunday of Christmas)

“Love Has Come”

Matthew 2:13-23

A friend of mine is a missionary in South Sudan, living and working in a refugee camp. She homeschools her 3 boys while her husband does leadership training and discipleship in the community.  And she loves it.  Bethany shares through facebook and her blog the many ways she experiences the richness of life and love in the desert of South Sudan, amongst people whose language and culture she doesn’t always understand.  She wouldn’t trade her life for anything, as far as I can tell, and genuinely feels like she is where God has called her to be.  As you may know, South Sudan is a country that has been plagued by civil war for the last decade, probably more.  For as long as I can remember, there has been tension and violence in Sudan.  Bethany reported on facebook this week that they spent the days around Christmas literally lying on the floor in their house to avoid getting caught in the crossfire between warring militia.  On Dec. 27 all the missionaries in South Sudan were evacuated.  Bethany and Eli describe more about their Christmas weekend in this blog post.

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