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a ‘Thank you’ poem for volunteers

A few years ago I re-worked the words to the song “Thank you” by Ray Boltz, to be a note of appreciation to the volunteers in my congregation.  It might be time to pull it out and share it again:

Thank You
words by Michelle Collins
Based on the song “Thank you” by Ray Boltz

I dreamed I went to Advent
And there I saw the love
The volunteers share with the kids
In praise of God above. Continue reading a ‘Thank you’ poem for volunteers

Terror and Fear artistically

In one of the Bible studies this weekend, we were pondering the passage from John 6 where the disciples are in a boat, the storm rises, and Jesus is nowhere to be found.  We were encouraged to get into groups according to how we process life artistically–through writing, art, fabric art, drama, etc.  I was asked to facilitate the writing group.

The question I was tasked to write about was:  When you think of fear or terror on your journey, how might you express it artistically?

Here’s what I came up with:


The wind is blowing, it’s getting dark
I can’t see the shore, I’ve lost my mark. Continue reading Terror and Fear artistically