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Two extremes of self-interest

“This passion empties one of self.  One does not “self-empty” by focusing upon oneself.  One is emptied of self to the degree one is overcome by the needs, pain, hopes and desires of others.  When concern for others takes one utterly beyond self-interest, beyond obsession with achievements and self-obsessing guilt over failures, beyond self, then one receives of the comfort of an Easter “yes” so overwhelming, unconditional, undeniable, and absolute that it is experienced as unfailing and forever–a yes more potent and enduring than any imaginable no” (Reflection on Phil. 2:1-13 by William Greenway in Daily Feast Devotional)

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As the sun rises…

I’ve discovered a new park from which to watch the sun rise.  I stop at the Starbucks across the street and get a refill of the Veranda Blend coffee, and then head over to the parking lot of the park.  I like this park because there are actually picnic tables on the deck where I can sit and see the ocean.  This eliminates the need to lug the chair that lives in the trunk of my car down to the sand.

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