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This confusing of the languages…

I was in the States for 8th grade, and near the end of the year was getting ready to go on a summer mission trip to Mexico with a friend’s youth group.  One day as we were getting ready for P.E. and reflecting on the orientation meeting we’d been to the night before where we began learning basic Spanish phrases.  Our conversation went like this:

her: “Why do we have to learn Spanish?  Why doesn’t everyone just speak the same language?”
Me: “it’s because we messed up at the Tower of Babel.”
Her: “…the tower of what-now?”
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The message in the text

Sermon illustrations come from the funniest places.  Recently, my little brother was texting me pictures of these amazing meals he was preparing:


So I sent him a picture of my fridge with the text, “Clearly I need a paycheck and to go shopping.”


 I had recently  returned back from a Youth Mission trip, and hadn’t gone shopping yet.  He responded quickly: “You need Jesus.”

Later, as I was preparing to preach on the “Bread of Life” discourse in John 6, I couldn’t get that text conversation out of my mind.  So I went with it.  Here’s the sermon that resulted.