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A poem to celebrate 40 years of marriage

 (roughly to the theme song from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”)

In western Kenya born and raised
At the missionary college, I spent most of my days,
Walks in the forest, Sunday night devos
Right from the start, you guys were my heroes.
You walked hand in hand, no matter the case,
Standing side by side, giving ‘faith’ and ‘love’ a face.
You’re committed to others, but without seeking fame,
Above all else, giving glory to God’s name.

You raised seven quality kids, impacted many more,
You lived what you believed, and moved from shore to shore.
Even through those dark years, when words were hard to find,
The words from Psalms and Romans, would often come to mind.

You gave us what you could, and it was always just enough.
You cared more about people than about flashy stuff.
My guess is there’s more than even what I know,
Regarding who you touched and all the love you showed.

So now here we are, to celebrate the day
You chose to stand together and journey on the way.
You’re not ones for show, for streamers and noise makers,
In fact, you’d have things to say about those ‘movers and shakers.’

But we want to take a minute to say we really care,
About the love you’ve showed us, and about the life you share.
The thing I learned from you is that in the end, you CHOOSE
To live, love and pray together, and on the couch to snooze.

Happy Anniversary, and all the best to you.
I have so much respect for the things you’ve chosen to do
As you’ve followed your life’s convictions, regardless of the cost
The legacy you leave behind you will not easily be lost.

I am one of many, who wouldn’t be the same,
If on Feb. 28, 1976 you hadn’t shared a name.
Here’s to you and all that you have done.
In so many categories that matter, you two have definitely won.

Happy Anniversary


On Social Media, Opening Ceremonies, and Churchwide Assemblies

Collaborating with others via Facebook and Zoom
While sitting alone in my living room;
Tweeting and retweeting the Olympics parade
Long after my tab at the bar has been paid;
My brother in Indy posted an article about someone I once knew
My mom in Minnesota saw it, and commented, too.
Creating a guide to hashtags and handles
Liking my friend’s Instagram picture of luggage and sandals;
“I’ll see you in NOLA,” the status update declares,
“I’ll be there as well!” is liked and is shared;
My flight is delayed, and according to posts, yours is too,
Twitter assures me they’re doing all they can do.
“We are church together,” we gather to  say
And discuss the statement “Together on the Way”
It’s not just you and it’s not just me,
Through a variety of ways, it’s almost always a ‘we.’


Terror and Fear artistically

In one of the Bible studies this weekend, we were pondering the passage from John 6 where the disciples are in a boat, the storm rises, and Jesus is nowhere to be found.  We were encouraged to get into groups according to how we process life artistically–through writing, art, fabric art, drama, etc.  I was asked to facilitate the writing group.

The question I was tasked to write about was:  When you think of fear or terror on your journey, how might you express it artistically?

Here’s what I came up with:


The wind is blowing, it’s getting dark
I can’t see the shore, I’ve lost my mark. Continue reading Terror and Fear artistically

Poem about Beatitudes

Another poem I came up with to talk about the Beatitudes.  I really need to find an illustrator to help me put some images to these words!

After teaching the crowd, Jesus went up on a hill
His disciples went after him, following still.
Jesus had more to say so he told them to stay
And listen to more about living God’s way.

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Song of the heart

A quote from the book I just finished:
“In all the many definitions that we have read of love, perhaps one of my favorites is the one that holds: to love is to know by heart the song another’s heart sings and to sing it back to them on the days when they forget how it goes” (Eileen Lindner in Thus Far on the Way: toward a theology of child advocacy“.

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