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Advent week 4: Pentecost and Community

Every now and then, I have a conversation with someone about the importance of engaging in a faith community of some kind.  Sometimes the sense is that folks want to get ‘other things sorted out first’ before focusing on things like spiritual development or faith community.  I hear things like, “I need to get organized with school,” or “I need to first find a job and get my finances a bit more stable.”   Continue reading Advent week 4: Pentecost and Community


Advent week 3: The power of proximity

The people of the Judean hill country know enough to realize that this means that God will be summoning him to something special in which, due to their proximity to him, they will almost certainly be caught up” (Gooder, p. 90).

This week’s Advent focus was on John the Baptist, whose circumstances around his birth made it clear that his life would not be ‘the usual,’ but that he was called by God for a special purpose.  Gooder draws connections between the birth of John, the birth of Samuel and the birth of Samson to show that it was clear from the beginning that God was up to something with this kid.  This caused fear in those around him, Gooder says.   Continue reading Advent week 3: The power of proximity


Advent week 1: Let’s go together

The season of Advent is always a meaningful season of reflection and pondering for me.  This year, join me in this journey of pondering, preparing and anticipating the new way God is breaking into creation.

God’s call does not necessarily ask us to move our physical surroundings (although sometimes it does); most often it asks us to move our internal surroundings, to be prepared to be changed and transformed. —The Meaning is in the Waiting, by Paula Gooder, p. 29

Continue reading Advent week 1: Let’s go together