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Big questions from young minds

I’ve been getting surprisingly challenging questions from kids recently.  Last week in preschool chapel a group of kids came in obviously eager to engage me in a conversation they had been having on their own.  The first kid comes up to me and says, “Sister Michelle, I have a difficult question for you.”  I asked him to pause as I put on my thinking cap, and when I was ready for his difficult question he went on with, “Where do you think Heaven is?”  I told him that was a difficult question and asked him if he had any thoughts about it.  Before he could really follow up with me, another kid rushed up to me and said, “I have a question for you.  Where does God get his power from?”   Continue reading Big questions from young minds

Poem about Beatitudes

Another poem I came up with to talk about the Beatitudes.  I really need to find an illustrator to help me put some images to these words!

After teaching the crowd, Jesus went up on a hill
His disciples went after him, following still.
Jesus had more to say so he told them to stay
And listen to more about living God’s way.

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What does a church do?

Sunday was the 25th Anniversary of the ELCA.  To honor the mission of the church over the last 25 years, congregations were encouraged to do some kind of service project that demonstrated the themes “God’s Work, Our Hands,” (ELCA’s motto) or “All Things Being Made New” (the 25th Anniversary slogan).  Here at Advent, we have our heads and calendars filled with things having to do with merging with another church and taking on a second campus.   Continue reading What does a church do?